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GA B75M-D3H, HDMI audio, HD6850, HD5450, GTX660 OC, Samsung SSD830, Logitech G35 &T650, Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network Adapter EXPI9301CT for Hackintosh or Mountain Lion with iBoot

As some of you may know, AMD CPU is not supported by Hackintosh from Lion & Mountain Lion because any hacked kernal is not available since Snow Leopard anymore.

So, many of experienced users of Hackintosh recommend the platform combined between Intel CPU & Gigabype mainboard to save the time without DSDT file.

Three mainboards I have installed Mac OSX : ASUS P5QL-VM EPU, ASUS P5Q & Gigabyte B75M-D3H. Two ASUS mainboards are supported for MacOSX by DSDT file, but it was painful experience for me though I made it finally. Some hint & tips here.


Added on 08-Nov.2013 :  please refer this URL for ASUS P5K -


So, my final selection is Gigabyte B75M-D3H to avoid any customization effort during or after installation, and it worked without big issues! (Some issues will be touched later)

[Gigabyte B75M-D3H mainboard]

The reason why I purchased this is simple : cheap(around 70 USD) but full of expansion features like 4 slots of DDR3 RAM with 1066MHz support, Crossfire-X, SATA 6.0G & USB 3.0 support. And, no DSDT file required when installing Mountain Lion. (Great!) MacOSX is able to recognize LAN card or Sound card easily with Multibeast 5 App. You can find many success stories especially at tonymacx86 site by searching B75M-D3H keyword:



However, only two fan controller of B75M-D3H is one of weak point for me. And, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not promoting Gigabyte brand. I always use ASUS mainboard for Microsoft Windows OS platform.

For your information, you can see closer look into this board here:


[Which CPU?]

If you select B75M-D3H, no doubt you have to select Intel Ivybridge CPUs. But you should be careful of selecting integrated graphic card : You should select HD4000, and do not select HD2500. I made mistake on this: HD2500, and it doesn't work with any customization effort.

And, please don't think about AMD CPUs if you want to install Lion or Mountain Lion, it's waste of your time. And, I found out same issues under VMWare & VirtualBox environment too. You cannot install Mac OSX on these virtual machine hosts on AMD just like installing native Mac OSX on AMD. Please do not waste your time.

Same here, I'm not a fan of Intel CPU. Except for this Hackintosh, most of my systems are AMD CPU based on ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, ASUS M3N78. However, recently I'm seriously considering Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs for Microsoft Windows environment too, because the performance of AMD Bulldozer or Vishera are behind or almost same as Intel i5 3570.

Addition: I replaced HD3240 with HD3570K later to enhance the system performance though HD3240 wast not bad.

[Which Mac OSX image]

We can install from genuine Mac OSX at URLs I mentioned above at GA B75M-D3H. But, other customized image like OS_X_10.8.2_Niresh_AD2 would integrate chameleon or multibeast apps.


Added on 29-Aug. 2013 : I do not recommend OS X 10.8.4 from the beginning on GA B75M-D3H with latest version of Firmware F14 due to infinite looping at [PCI Configuration begin]. Googling told me it may be caused from USB 3.0 on the board. FYI, but cloning SSD 10.8.4 installed already into new SSD by using 'Carbon Copy Cloner' works without this issue.

[Which Graphic Card]

What is the solution for someone who purchased CPUs with HD2500? Additional graphic card required -.-, fortunately I already have several AMD graphic cards left from replacement of my primary PC installed Windows 8 : Sapphaire HD5750, HD5770 & HD5450. My choice for this Hackintosh is HD5450 because it's small & fanless, but compatible with Mountain Lion with small customization


And, following URL is valuable for me too:


But, I spent several hours because it doesn't work. However, it's not because this document is wrong, but my effort to replace of .kext files was failed. If you're not into the .kext file handling. Then, I recommend you to use "Kext Drop" app instead of replacing files by yourself. It's simple app but very convenient of replacing existing .kext file.


Two minitors on my desk of two PCs. So, I tried to use dual monitors with HD5450. The primary monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 176T at 1280x1024 with DVI, and the second monitor is Samsung T27B300 with RGB. Both works successfully.

The date I write this on 24-Nov, 2012. The best choice with performance with compatibility of AMD is HD6870 I heard. If you run the game like Diablo III, then it's better select HD6870, because the blur of screen leads the sore of eye with HD5450 at 1920 x 1080 even with lowest graphic effect.

You may refer following URL link to search Graphic cards working with Mac OSX:


Addition - HD6850: After running graphic intensive game like Diablo III, HD5450 was too slow with low resolution. So, I looked for the alternative graphic card with reasonable price. My first choice was HD7850 because the price is reasonable around 200 USD but high performance known in the market. But, as you may know, HD7000 Series is not supported by Mac OSX at this moment though they say Mac OSX 10.8.3 update would support this. So, I'm going down the spec to HD6850/HD6870 series. Fortunately, I found out the used MSI HD6850 with 80 USD at the offline store, and it works immediately after plug & play without some .kext file installation. And, the frame of running Diablo III in Mac OSX 10.8.2 is reasonable, I can run it at 1920x1080 resolution with max settings with some noise louder from the fan of HD6850.

Addition - I want to use dual graphic card with two monitors after replacing HD3240 with HD3570K later - AMD HD6850 & HD4000 of Intel 3570K in a single system, but it failed. HD4000 was not recognized even though I have KEXT file of HD4000 in my S/L/E together with AMD HD6850. I left this issue for the future because I don't want to give up AMD HD6850. Unfortunately, no documents with solution I found out with googling.

Added on 28-Mar, 2013 - Lan card using MultiBeast 5.2.1 : Two choices we have, Lnx2Mac's ... or AppleRTL8169... They recommend to install Lnx2Mac's.. driver. But, both work. But, there is a difference you may now know: bandwidth. I found out the bandwidth of AppleRTL8169... is bigger around 3 times than Lnx2Mac's driver. If you feel uncomfortable with slow speed of network speed when downloading files, then you need to check if using AppleRTL8169. Summing up, please use Realtek - AppleRTL8169Ethernet at anyhow. (As explained later in this document, I purchased new LAN card with some reason)

Added on 28-Mar, 2013 - Upgrade to 10.8.3 : You can install 10.8.3 update without any concern from App Store.

Addition - HDMI display & sound through ATI6850. I finally make it after two days of trial and errors by chance. The secret of success was at unknown places : GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Listen carefully, forget about any KEXT file modification or downloading modified KEXT file for ATI6850, because it was waste of time for me. Mt Lion supports ATI6850 by itself. You need to have Chameleon Wizard at first.


Then, please update like this and press Save button : The key to success is "Graphics Enabler" & HDMI enable at Chameleon install, without these I can never see HDMI in "Sound", "Output" panel in preferences. And, I select "Lotus" in Ati Config with Ati Ports 4 because my MSI 6850 card has 4 display ports (2 DVIs, 1 HDMI, 1 DP). I heard "Lotus" mean to enable HDMI port in ATI6850. And "DuckWeed" for DVI output, so it's not mine.

My environment :

OSX 10.8.3(12D65), GA B75M-D3H, 16GB RAM, MSI6850, Chameleon v2.2svn r2172

Sapphire HD7850 OC 2GB DDR3 : Rumors told me HD7850 would be supported after OSX10.8.3 announcement, so I purchased Sapphire one & try to test it on latest beta of 10.8.3, but give up immediately. Unknown strange characters displayed at Chameleon bootloader, so no chance to input any options like -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=No etc. We may need to wait for next release of Chameleon or new bootloader.

Addition - GTX660 OC : Though there is no issue of using HD6850, but the performance when playing StartCraft II or Diablo III is slower than I expect. And, the noise from the graphic card is louder. So, I bought ASUS GEFORCE GTX660 DirectCU II OC at around USD250. Before installing GTX660 OC, I deselect ATI related options at Chameleon Wizard & GraphicsEnabler=No. Unplug ATI6850 & GTX660 OC & reboot the system, then everything is fine! I can see the Mac desktop at once without issue. However, I find out HDMI audio of GTX660 OC is not working, OMG. Enabling HDMI audio at Chameleon installation doesn't work. I try to figure out the reason why, and I guess that disabling GraphicsEnabler is the source of issue, because as I mentioned earlier at ATI6850, GraphicsEnabler=Yes is the critical success factor to enable HDMI audio. At this time, googling is not helpful, someone recommends to modify DSDT file, but I don't use DSDT & I don't want it. I happend to find out one article for NVaudio 1.0 to enable HDMI sound of NVidia Graphic Card at real Mac, and it works to me!


Added on 19-Sep.2013 : One more thing to consider, I recommend you to select "iMac13,1" at smbios by Chameleon Wizard. Otherwise, you may not to activate HDMI Audio though you installed "NVAudio" as stated above.

Added on 22-Sep.2013: Please install Multibeast 5.5.0 on OSX 10.8.5:

  • Audio->Realtek ALC8xx -> Without DSDT -> ALC887/888b
  • Disk -> IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector
  • Miscellaneous -> FakeSMS v5.3.820, FakeSMC v5.3.820 Plugins
  • Miscellaneous -> USB 3.0 - Universal
  • ... System -> Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManage... -> OS X 10.8.x
  • Customization -> Boot Options -> Generate CPU States
  • ... System Definitions -> iMac -> iMac 13,1

[Which bootloader]

Three kind of bootloaders for Hackintosh : Chameleon, Chimera & Clover. I heard that Chimera is updated frequently, but Chameleon update is almost suspended. However, both are almost same they told me. But, I'm using Chameleon because there are customization tool like "Chameleon Wizard" or Chameleon itself allows customization options when installing. Recently, Clover gains many users due to iMessage issue of Chameleon, but it is now solved at Chameleon.

[Sleep - The last gate of Hackintosh]

* One of the critical success factor is to install your graphic card successfully at Macintosh in you System Information from my experience. If you cannot enable Sleep feature no matter how you follow the guideline at Internet, then you need to make sure of it. For instance, you can see that GTX660 is recognized as it is without any xxx character in the name.

The last challenge of hackintosh is the sleep mode, because you can seldom find the solution & give up with sleepless mode.

The user experience of sleep mode on Gigabyte B75M-D3H is inconsistent over internet: Some of them told me it works without customization, but it doesn't work for me. When falling into sleep, then it doesn't wake up. I always have to push reset or POWER buttons. Googling doesn't help me find the solution. But, I happen to find the solution for Z77X-UD5H user's feedback:


Summing up, you have to select XHCI not Auto but Smart Auto with EHCI Hand off at Disabled.

"With XMP Enabled / XHCI Smart Auto / EHCI Hand Off Disabled = the system wakes from slep and the keyboard and mouse lags a lot.

With XMP Disabled / XHCI Auto / EHCI Hand Off Enable = the system wakes from sleep and the keyboard never returns. Have to plug it in and out.

With XMP Disabled / XHCI Smart Auto / EHCI Hand Off Disabled = the system wakes from sleep with ALL USBs OK The Keyboard and mouse don't lag

Didn't Tried other combinations.

XHCI Hand Off Always Enabled since it's default"

Now, you can let your GA-B75M-D3H mainboard sleep with safe!

[Which Network Card: Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E EXPI9301CT]

Background: You are wonder why considering other LAN card though integrated Realtek Lan card integrated into B75M-D3H. It's because it's not stable. I suffered from disconnecting or not recognized, so I have to reinstall network card driver at Multibeast 5.3.0 again. Most of all, the speed of network is getting slow when I copied many files over the network.   
Solution: Purchasing another card which is recognized by Hackintosh. I failed with  PWLA8391GT(Intel PRO/1000GT) card. No matter which driver I installed, it's not recognized. 
As you know, new improved Intel Lan driver included in MultiBeast 5.3.0, and I read through the .pdf file which explains what has been improved. And, I found out some cheap solution: Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network Adapter EXPI9301CT card. It costs around 40USD, but you can purchase more cheaper one at Amazon though it's a bulk. It works fine, and recognized without additional effort after installing MultiBeast 5.3.0. Stable connection, no significant speed downgrading when copying multiple files at the same time.


[How to fix "installed" apps though not installed in this Mac]

Many hint & tips when googling but don't work for me : Press option keys when opening AppStore etc. It's because copy of your Mac in other drives. For instance, if you have two booting drives of Mac, and the one is old one, and the other is new. You will face this issue when booting new clean installed partition. Solution, extract cloned or other booting drives for the moment, then open Mac AppStore. You can see installed signs have gone. Simple!

[No sound after selecting kernel cache option of Chameleon]

Not sure it's a common issue for all kind of mainboards, but I read this message in a site, and same for me. But, it's quite simple to solve it, run MultiBeast and install sound driver as you done at the first time. Then you can restore it. FYI, kernel cache option is for fast booting.

[iMessage is not working, you cannot login]

Please refer following URL. It doesn't work for me at the first time, because : I forgot to copy 'module' folder from download files into /Extra folder by using Finder, and Rebooting of system is required for me. One more hint if you're still suffering from login. I'd like to recommend to change the SMBios at Chameleon Wizard included in FixiMessage file to iMac13,1. 

However, I strongly recommend not to install this additional module if you don't use iMessage, because your Mac won't boot when you replace your Chameleon bootloader with Chimera or old version of Chameleon doesn't support for this module. 


[Boot0 GPT error]
If you're still in trouble with this error even though you installed the latest Chameleon bootloader, then please refer this document. I fixed it with solution 1 :


[Other things to consider]

HDD : I selected Samsung SSD 830 128GB as a primary HDD at SATA 6.0 mode with two Seagate 1TB as a single RAID mode. Mountain Lion supports TRIM command for SSDs without additional app installation. Software RAID0 after installation of Mountain Lion with two identical Seagate 1TB works great to save backup of primary SSD or any data. To enable Trim, please visit & install from here:


Added on 29-Aug.2013 : Toshiba Q Series H SSD 128GB works fine for your information with TRIM enabled.

Case: The concept of my hackintosh is small & medium performance machine. That's why I select Micro-ATX mainboard, and same for case. My choice is Lian Li Aluminium Case V354B Red color. It costs around 300 USD. But, looks great.

Keyboard & Mouse: Apple MB110KH/A with numeric keypad. It's not mandatory but good combination with Mountain Lion OS. And, any PC compatible mouse may work. But, I didn't try any PS/2 mouse or keyboard. FYI, Logitech K230 wireless keyboard works great without delay caused from wireless mode. It's cheap around 9 USD. But, it's too compact without space between each key, so I throw away Logitech K230 wireless keyboard, then replace it with Apple MB110KH/A purchased already.

Addition: I replaced Apple MB110KH/A with IBM(Lenovo) SK-8815. This is my favorite keyboard for may years, so I purchased one more around 30 USD. However, I have to give up additional unique special keys except for volume down & up, mute key. 

Logitech G35 5.1 Channel Stereo Headset & T650 Touchpad There is no device drivers for G35 & T650 at the product homepage. But, G35 works well & I can control the volume at the headset same as on Microsoft Windows environment. But, T650 is not working as I expected. Touchpad itself works as expected. But, most of gestures are not working like under Microsoft Windows 8 Professional. You may need purchase Apple magic trackpad instead.

WebCam Logitech C310 : In a word, it works with FaceTime of Mountain Lion.

Font : if you're in Korean language environment, you may consider of changing default fonts into Daum font etc. Then please download the font file attached in following link. Then move AppleGothic in your font directly to the trash, then move new AppleGothic you downloaded into font folder, and reboot. That's all.



Mac OSX is very fast or light compared to Microsoft Windows 7 you may use. So, no need to purchase the high-end or expensive CPU. Intel i3 3240 is enough with low power consumption at 55W. It's of two cores with four threads, and the price is around 140 USD only.

[Restore from boot failure]

(You should have the backup image with Timemachine to going back before failure of booting at first.)

Googling shows some hint & tips to recover from boot failure like wrong selection of Multibeast etc: Press Eject button when starting boot or common options like -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=No doesn't work for me. So, I recommend you to download iBoot from tonymacx86 site & follow the instruction in this site. (You need to register to login here, but it's worth of doing that)


It's not quite sure but booting by iBoot with HD6850 was at failure for me. So, I need to replace HD6850 with HD5450, then booting with iBoot works finally. 

And, you can refer how to restore from Timemachine after booting iBoot here: Simply, 1. boot from iBoot, 2. select Mountain Lion CD to boot next, then 3. run diskutil to restore backup image from  Timemachine:


For your information, you can refer the common boot options here:


Finally, I summarized some hint & tips for the first time users of MacOSX :

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  2. thanks for your guide.
    I also use english and korean and have the exact same motherboard, and have a geforce GTX 550Ti.
    I use english as my main language and use karabiner to switch using the 한/영 key, which is convenient.
    I multiboot between windows xp, win7, win10, debian, ubuntu and have OS X 10.5 - 10.10 working on here, and use grub4dos as my boot loader, because I require to send linux commands to boot linux correctly, as well as booting windows XP from a VHD flat file.
    Next I will install OS X 10.11 El Capitan using chameleon, which will be my next challenge.
    After this, I will attempt to switch from MBR to EFI/GUID system, using clover. I have experience with grub2, booting linux, windows and windows xp, however I am not sure it will work with all systems, and if is not the case i will simply stick to MBR as there is no major reason to go to EFI, that I can see. I value the OS and don't care if I can save 10 seconds of boot time, as currently only takes about 15 seconds to load from SSD.
    I followed your advice about sleep mode. Thank you so much!

  3. Please refer this URL for El Capitan:


    Using Clover is recommended for multiple operating systems installation like you, but please install Clover + El Capitan at first with disconnected all other HDD/SSDs. Then, add other OSs one by one by enabling SATA one by one. However, installing one OS at one device is recommended for step by step.